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June is the season of graduations and a milestone time of transitions. Many of our DreamBox learners are moving on from elementary classrooms into the new social and intellectual world of middle school. With the tools of earlier learning under

Summer is coming around again. Those three sparkling months of playground, beach, ball games, nature hikes, reading outside on warm days with a foot dangling in a cool blue pool––and significant loss of learned math skills that teachers dread having

Congratulations! You’ve made it to June! For many of you, school is winding down and summer break is so close you can just about taste it! Summer is the perfect time for kids (and educators!) to get outside, enjoy the

We’re topping off Teacher Appreciation Month with the extra sweet icing of a just for fun conferment. The DreamBox Nation Challenge went out, asking you all to nominate an educator for the very first DreamBox Teacher Appreciation Award. And you

The converging rivers of education and technical innovation have caught the eye of the broader tech world. DreamBox has been recognized as the most prominent education technology startup in the Seattle area. And this month our CEO and President Jessie